Jeff Cooper’s Gun Safety Rules

If you’ve been around firearms at all most likely you’ve heard of Colonel John Dean “Jeff” Cooper.  He was an United States Marine and father of the modern technique of handgun shooting.  His rules of gun safety have been recounted by millions of people and are still true today. Four Rules of Gun Safety Rule … Read more

Gun Cleaning Kit Masters Workshop – Sunday July 30

Everyone is welcomed to attend the Sunday workshop on July 30th, where we’ll have Frank from Gun Cleaning HQ in for a gun cleaning workshop. Frank has over 30 years of experience cleaning thousands of different types of guns. He has extensive gunsmithing skills and in this workshop he’ll be bringing in a wide variety … Read more

July Meeting

Independent Living Gun Club urges all of its members to take the time to join GOAL and the NRA. For the price of two boxes of ammunition, you can help to support your rights at both the state and federal level. Please sign up today if you are not already a member. Independent Living Gun … Read more

A Brief History of Gun Scopes

If you want a rifle scope, you know just why; to enhance your vision while looking for that perfect shot. A gun scope is used to give additional accuracy to your firearms, air guns and crossbows. Gun scopes for firearms started being utilized in 1835, and it has taken centuries to perfect them. Scopes allow … Read more

Monthly Gun Cleaning Classes

We offer monthly Gun Cleaning and Gun Smith Classes which are meant to train people in the art of gun cleaning. Gun cleaning is essential to every gun owner and in this 6 hour workshop style course we cover many elements; including cleaning, repairing, modification, designing and building of firearms. Gunsmiths have access to an … Read more

Gunsmithing Tools

Gunsmithing tools like the tools of any other craftsman or artisan need to be of very good quality in order that the gunsmith may be able to produce works of very high quality. The art of gun cleaning and gun smithing requires several years of specialization and apprenticeship. While there many people that are involved in … Read more

How to Become a Gunsmith

Learning how to become a gunsmith might take you through a winding route that gives you training in all the different aspects of the trade, or it may take you directly to one or two aspects of the training such as working on a particular part or set of features which you can master. A … Read more