Monthly Gun Cleaning Classes

Gun Cleaning Classes

We offer monthly Gun Cleaning and Gun Smith Classes which are meant to train people in the art of gun cleaning. Gun cleaning is essential to every gun owner and in this 6 hour workshop style course we cover many elements; including cleaning, repairing, modification, designing and building of firearms. Gunsmiths have access to an industry that is wide and the right qualifications can get them factory level work in designing and building of guns, or more artisan and exclusive positions in renovation, modifications and alterations of firearms. You might also gain employment with the military or other law enforcement agencies, shops that sell guns or you may run your own Gun Cleaning business.

gun cleaning kitMastery of the Gun Cleaning Kit

There are many parts to the art of the gun cleaning. They are usually expected to have some knowledge in mechanics, working with metals, wood, and be an artisan as they might be required to do some decorations or to custom make certain parts for their clients. They may also be expected to have some knowledge in ballistics as cartridges and the projectiles they make on coming out of the barrel must be studied and adjusted to make for perfect performance of the finished guns.

Gun Cleaning and gunsmithing schools must be able to have programs that deliver these courses and offer practical sessions to enable their students to learn and practice the skills of the trade. They must also have had the right licenses and permissions to enable them to operate in the state.

Available specializations for Gunsmiths

While the Gun Cleaning schools may give you the necessary knowledge that is needed to undertake most of the common tasks that a Gunsmith may encounter in their daily work, in some cases students may wish to specialize in one area more than the other and some of the available specializations include;

Builder/ Designer

These are possibly the most highly skilled and multitalented class of gunsmiths because they must also be proficient in the other areas of Gun Cleaning. They are able to design, manufacture and assemble parts to make a complete gun according to the customer’s specifications. They are usually sought after by professionals in target practice that require very powerful and accurate firearms.


These are gunsmiths that are specialized in putting the finishing touches on the metal parts to provide corrosion resistance and in some cases also for decoration.


These are craftsmen specialized in carving the stocks of guns, fitting the stocks to the metal barrels and also to design the stocks to fit the customer’s dimensions which may not be standard.


Checkerers represent gunsmiths that specialize in engraving intricate patterns on the wooden section of the guns that makes it easy to be gripped. There are also fine carvings that are done at the edges.

Gun Engravers

Engravers are specialized in cutting fine designs on the metal surfaces of the guns. This can be in standard designs or on special designs requested by clients.

Manufacturing of parts

Some gunsmiths become specialized in manufacturing a number of parts for the market. Most Gun Cleaning schools will give you the possibility of pursuing one or more of these career paths and successful completion will make you eligible for one or more of state and international licensing organizations for gunsmiths.