Gunsmithing Courses

Gunsmithing courses are quite valuable if you might have a slight interest in gunsmithing or just want to learn about basic gun cleaning. For these dreams to become reality there are a number of options that are available to you for learning the theory and skills of the trade. You can learn at an institution or college of higher learning, take an apprenticeship or study at home. Many of these institutions and colleges offer gunsmithing courses that may either lead to a certificate or degree and these courses could be individual courses touching on specific topics or could cover a range of topics.

Entry Level Classes

We offer basic entry level courses which are meant for those that have little or no knowledge in gun cleaning, repair and gunsmithing and wish to know more about the trade as well as gain some of the skills that may enable them to progress in the trade. Entry level courses can be taken in groups or one on one. It is also a great entry point for those that are considering gunsmithing as a hobby.

Advanced Classes

Professional and advanced classes are meant for those that are already practicing in the field as gunsmiths or people that have already had some other qualification and wish to further their studies or wish to gain more skills. These gun cleaning and gunsmith classes are available twice a month.

Course contents

Gunsmiths in general must be able to master different skills which include mechanics, gun cleaning, the working of mechanical parts, machining and production mechanisms, woodworker, artisan competence for provision of designs on guns, ballistics, chemistry and the ability to work with precision.

Gunsmiths need to be trained in the art of designing and building guns. They are trained to be competent in assembly and disassembly of parts, to clean and lubricate guns properly. They are also trained in the repair or replacement of damaged parts, and also in the art of making modifications on standard guns to suit the tastes of their clients.

They receive training also in the troubleshooting of malfunctions in guns and proposal of solutions, changing the caliber of the barrel as well as all kinds of modifications and changes that are possible to firearms. Because the job role involves such a wide variety of skills to master, only the top level and highly trained are able to master these skills to a great degree and it takes several years to achieve competence as a master designer and producer of guns because in this case you will be able to single handedly design, build, beautify as well as repair firearms according to the desires of your patrons.

The greater majority of gunsmiths master a few of the skills that they need in order to perform their day to day duties. Some of the specializations in the craft include; the stockmaker, the checkerer, the engraver and the pistolsmith which can be learned in more specialized gunsmithing courses that target the skills needed for the particular niche.

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