How to Become a Gunsmith

Learning how to become a gunsmith might take you through a winding route that gives you training in all the different aspects of the trade, or it may take you directly to one or two aspects of the training such as working on a particular part or set of features which you can master. A gunsmith can be described as a person that repairs, modifies designs or builds guns or gun parts. Many gunsmiths can do all of these, but most of the times on a day to day basis many specialize in just one or a few of the aspects that make up the art of the gunsmith.

Gunsmiths are highly employable and are employed by gun factories, by military and other agencies that deal with guns and regularly need these to be conditioned and repaired, shops that sell guns, or they may run their own business or dealership in arm manufacture and repairs. There are many routes that you can take to learn how to become a gunsmith. These are;

Colleges and Universities and Vocational schools

Some colleges and universities and vocational schools offer gun cleaning courses to interested persons. They give you training in both the theory and practice of the gunsmith as well as the relationship, duties and responsibilities that they have to their community. In many cases these schools also offer correspondence courses to those who wish to learn from home or for whom time constraints due to work or family ties make it impossible for them to keep regular class schedules.

The Military

Guns are widely used in the military and they are always on the lookout for new personnel that can maintain and do  gun cleaning. The different branches of the military regularly recruit, train and employ those that are interesting in working with guns. This is a good route to those that like a military setting.


This is possibly the oldest form of gunsmith training in which a new gunsmith learns from an older professional and this is by watching and completing projects of his own. This can take several years, but many of the most exclusive gunsmiths learned by this way and especially the artisan gunsmith that makes guns not only for function but for the beauty of the product.  If you want to learn how to become a gunsmith, this is probably the most sought out method to learning the craft thoroughly.

Individual companies and Organizations

There are some companies that offer gunsmith courses. Sometimes this is tied to a particular product or service they are offering.  For example the National Rifle Association regularly offers courses in gunsmithing.

Online Gunsmithing schools

The internet has no doubt changed the way we communicate today and it is possible to find almost all kinds of learning process online today. There are some institutions that are currently offering online gunsmithing courses that instruct students by the use of interactive media in the form of audio-visual material and texts.

DIY Gunsmithing

Another less popular route but nonetheless a possibility on learning how to become a gunsmith is the DIY route to gunsmithing where you can learn by yourself, reading books, trial and error and persistence.