July Meeting

Independent Living Gun Club urges all of its members to take the time to join GOAL and the NRA. For the price of two boxes of ammunition, you can help to support your rights at both the state and federal level. Please sign up today if you are not already a member. Independent Living Gun Club is currently open for membership.  If interested, please stop by our Club on any Sunday afternoon, or visit our Website for dues information and to apply online!

July 1st Gun Club Meeting

The July meeting was held at the clubhouse on July 1st  at 8 PM. Thank you to the members who made the meeting.

It is with deep regret that I must announce my resignation as President of the Independent Living Gun Club effective August 1st. I have accepted a unique employment opportunity that will require me to move out of state. Though I look forward to the challenges and opportunities that my move will present, I will miss the Club and the many friends I have made here. I ask that you give your total support to Paul and the rest of the Officers and Directors of the Club for the remainder of the year, and any future Officers and Directors, as you would hope to be supported by the membership if you were in the position.

I had hoped to see the many projects we had started to improve our facility be completed, but I know that the membership will rally to the cause and see them finished soon. I also ask the membership to continue to be fully involved in all aspects of our Club by making every effort to attend the monthly meetings, various matches, and work parties. I hope to be able to visit the Club on trips back and see that we are still a vibrant, growing association of involved shooters. I thank you for all of your support over the years, and will miss the Independent Living Gun Club and the many friends in the California shooting community greatly – Joe Johnson

The Membership applications have been updated to reflect the new address of the Governor. If you are in possession of any of the old applications, please discard them, as they will not be properly delivered. New applications are available in the Clubhouse.

Our RSO’s have been showing up for duty on the scheduled long range days only to find no one interested in using the ranges. The weather has not been cooperative for most of the spring and summer so far, so we can understand the lack of participation. We will continue to have RSO’s on duty, and hope that the Ranges become used more. If not, we may cut out one of the scheduled days during the summer months.

It may also be possible to move one of the days from Saturday to Sunday if people are interested. Please let your Directors and Officers know how you feel on the subject, and be sure to make the meetings.