Shooting Classes

This inexpensive and professional basic pistol shooting class offers firearms instruction in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.  This class is required of all persons wishing to acquire their California Carry Permit for Pistols & Revolvers. At the end of each class you will learn to properly clean your gun and store it away safely.

This course is a single day event, consisting of a classroom portion and firearms shooting portion at an indoor range.  Classes are taught by a certified NRA Pistol Instructor with U.S. military and law enforcement background.  Classes are kept small and comfortable to allow for a more relaxed and productive learning atmosphere in a clean and safe environment.

Class consists of several blocks of instruction on basic firearm recognition, safe handling, storage and use of pistols and revolvers.  The classroom portion typically lasts 2 to 4 hours, with 10 minute breaks in between blocks of instruction and plenty of time for questions.

For the shooting portion of the class, students will drive their own vehicles to a nearby designated shooting range.  There, students will utilize their training to safely load, handle and fire a pistol downrange, under the direct supervision of the Instructor.  All materials will be provided by the Instructor.

Students are welcome to bring their own lunch, snacks and water.  Pencils will be provided for the test portion, though students are welcome to bring their own writing utensils and notebooks if they wish.

Prices and Location:

Classroom portion is currently held at the Instructor’s home in East Hartford, Connecticut.  Shooting portion will be at Wolf’s Shooting Range in Bristol.

Full Price for the course is $85

($10 discount is available for NRA members)

*inquire about special discounts for Law Enforcement professionals and their spouses

*group rates available for groups of 4 or more!

Donald Smith, NRA Instructor

Donald Smith is a Probation Officer, employed by the State of California, served in the U.S. Army Military Police for 10 years, and is a certified NRA Pistol Instructor and Range Safety Officer.  He holds two college degrees, is a published author and an avid shooter.