Range Rules

  1. Members must sign in and out by name and badge number at the Range Sign In Sheet whenever they use the facility. Members will sign in shooting members of their families and guests by name.
  2. Only one guest at a time may shoot in the presence of the host member, and the member must observe and supervise his guest’s shooting. The same guest will not be invited to shoot on a repetitive basis during the year.
  3. Members must wear their current Club Badge in a visible location when shooting.
  4. Junior members, or anyone under the age of 18 may use the Range ONLY under the direct supervision of a regular member, or while a Range Safety Officer is present.
  5. Plinking at cans or objects other than at regulation targets fastened to target frames of appropriate height for the range and shooting position is allowed ONLY as long as all plinking targets are picked up and disposed of properly. All shots must strike the appropriate backstop. No fanning or trick type shooting is allowed.
  6. No objects shall be placed as targets on or against the target frames, or thrown in the air on the rifle or pistol ranges to be shot at.
  7. Only .22 cal. Rimfire Cartridges will be fired on Sundays before 12:00 PM except during Club sponsored events and/or approved activities or matches.
  8. You may go forward of the firing line only when all firearms are unloaded, have actions open, and are resting on a bench, and all shooters are clear of their firearms. The Rifle and Pistol ranges must both be clear, and a visual confirmation must be made with any shooters on the Shotgun Tower. Shooters on the Shotgun Tower will give final approval of an “All Clear” call as they have the best vantage point to survey the Range. There is to be absolutely NO handling of firearms while there is anyone down range.
  9. Actions must be open and firearms clear with magazine out, or cylinder open at all times except when actually firing. All firearms must be cleared immediately after firing, and no loaded firearm may be allowed to rest on a bench unattended. Loaded firearms are to be handled on the firing line only.
  10. When shooters are on the firing line, firearms must be pointed down range at all times, with the muzzle pointed below the top of the backstop, whether loaded or unloaded. If a misfire or hangfire occurs, keep the muzzle pointed down range for 1 minute, then clear the firearm and dispose of the round in the red oil filled can designated for disposal of live ammunition. This can is located halfway down the rifle and pistol range secured to a beam. THIS IS THE ONLY PLACE TO DISPOSE OF LIVE ROUNDS. FAILURE TO COMPLY WITH THIS RULE WILL RESULT IN IMMEDIATE EXPULSION FROM THE CLUB, AND YOUR LICENSING AUTHORITY WILL BE NOTIFIED AS TO YOUR UNSAFE FIREARMS HANDLING.
  11. Check your line of sight to your target. Your target must be attached to a target frame at such a height that the bullets will impact upon the backstop.
  12. Rifles and Pistols may be loaded to capacity at any time, but the practice of Rapid Fire will only take place with a Range Safety Officer present and permission from the RSO. Rapid Timed Fire taking place to prepare for matches may occur at any time, and should not be confused with Rapid Fire.
  13. Shooters will return all target frames to the appropriate Target Sheds, and will police their firing point to include placing all reloadable brass in the “Brass Bucket” . Non reloadable brass and steel cases are to be disposed of properly in the trashcans. When trashcans become full, please empty them in the dumpster.
  14. Members must be in possession of all appropriate licenses for the firearms that they are shooting or have brought to the Club for any purpose.
  15. All immediate rulings of the on duty Range Safety  Officer shall be obeyed. Members who believe that the immediate action taken by a Range Safety Officer is technically incorrect, or is personally offensive, may make a complaint either personally, or in writing to the Governor.
  16. SAFETY IS THE FIRST PRIORITY AT WESTWOOD GUN CLUB, INC.  It is the personal obligation of every member to either correct, or, if necessary, report any violation of Range Rules and Procedure to the Governor, or to a Range Safety Officer. Please take corrective action politely. Talking or complaining about violators will not solve the problem.
  17. All the possible unsafe acts that may occur on the Range can not be covered in these Range Rules and Procedures. Any such actions which are not covered in these rules shall be immediately subject to the Governor’s rulings, which will remain in force until said ruling is appealed in writing to the Executive Committee for a hearing to endorse, modify, or invalidate said ruling.

Special range rules black powder shooting

  1. Cans or other containers of black powder may be open on the firing line only during loading, and will be closed, or capped prior to firing.
  2. No shooter will have more that one pound of black powder on the firing line.
  3. Black powder shooters will not smoke on the firing line, nor will any persons in the same bay where muzzle loading firearms are being loaded and fired.
  4. Shooters of flintlock firearms which do not have a deflecting guard on the pan will assure that no person is within ten feet of, and in line with, the lock of their firearm at the time of firing.
  5. Muzzle loading firearms will normally be made safe by firing. If an immediate cease fire is require on the range and such firearm can not be fired, the percussion cap or priming will be removed, and the firearm will be racked with the muzzle up under observation by the shooter until such time as it can be fired.

Special range rules for 250 Yard firing

  1. Shooting may only take place with a Range Safety Officer present, NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule will be allowed, and violation will result in suspension or expulsion from the Club.
  2. The road to the range will be blocked off, with all traffic diverted to the 250 M parking area. Use of a sawhorse or other device is approved to divert vehicles.
  3. A special lock will be placed on the chain link gate leading to the 100 yd range after confirmation that all people have been evacuated from the 100 yd range area.

A RSO and scorers may secure themselves behind the Pistol Berm, and behind the tire wall, only when radio communications are established with the RSO at the 250 M firing line. The downrange RSO will have complete authority to cease fire at any time necessary.

  1. The “Range Closed Until Completion of 250 Meter Firing” sign will be placed on the chain link gate.
  2. Three shooters may fire from the Offhand Deck, and three shooters may fire from the Bench Shed when the command to commence fire is given from the RSO.
  3. If, at any time, radio communications with the RSO and scorers downrange should fail, an immediate cease fire will be called, and firing suspended until communications can be reestablished. If communications can not be maintained, the downrange RSO and scorers will be brought back to the 250 M firing line, and firing may continue.
  4. When all shooting is completed for the day, firearms will be made safe, a RSO will unlock the chain link gate, shooters will police their brass and trash, and the target frames will be brought back to the target shed. A RSO must return the sign, lock and chain, and sawhorse to the 250 M shed, and secure the shed.